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  • Screening collection for prompt delivery ( 2 Files )

    Our Screening Collection for prompt delivery contains more than 250,000 compounds. All compounds have undergone quality control to confirm their chemical structures. We offer the possibility to re-supply compounds purchased from us.


  • Green Collection drug-like compound library ( 2 Files )

    Our Green Collection compound library (about 120,000 compounds in total) was prepared on the basis of In-house Stock library and pre-formatted by Lipinski's Rules of Five.
  • Lead-like library ( 2 Files )

    Lead-like library from OTAVA is a universal screening library containing about 57,000 compounds. It is an integral part of the OTAVA chemical libraries and can be used for HT screening in addition to Drug-like Green Collection and Fragment Library. In comparison to Drug-like green collection, the Lead-like library has slightly decreased MW, number of rotatable bonds and number of hydrogen bond donors and acceptors to extend potential chemical space for further lead optimization.

  • Fragment Library

    OTAVA offers its own specially designed Fragment Library. The central purpose of the library is to provide fragments that will bind to the binding site(s) of any target and will also provide suitable starting points for drug discovery.

    The Fragment Library in DB, SD, or XLS format, as well as the price-list, are available on your request. Please contact us!

  • Focused Libraries

    For your research needs, Otava proposes unique focused libraries designed on the base of OTAVA’s Stock Collection of 500,000 compounds.

    The focused libraries in DB, SD, or XLS format, as well as the price-list, are available on your request. Please contact us!

  • Diversity sets ( 12 Files )

    Otava combinatorial libraries PrimScreen1, PrimScreen2, PrimScreen3, PrimScreen5, PrimScreen10 and PrimScreen15 are prepared by diversity sorting using CheD software. Diversity is a property of dataset and characterizes the similarity (or dissimilarity) of molecules included in it. The goal of Diversity calculation and sorting is to select a maximally diverse subset of a given size from a given large pool of candidate molecules. The diverse data set can be used for screening purposes to reduce expenses for compounds testing or compounds selection.

  • Tangible Screening Compounds

    Otava offers a collection of Tangible Screening Compounds that includes about 495,000 compounds. The compounds ordered from this collection could be individually synthesized and delivered within 4 weeks. Please note that chemical schemes to synthesize these compounds have been validated although not yet put into production. This is a unique opportunity to enrich your company's screening collection with compounds which are not presented in any commercial chemical catalogues.


    The Tangible Screening Compounds in SDF format are available on your request. Please contact us!

  • Chemical Building Blocks for prompt delivery ( 1 Files )

    Otava offers collection of Chemical Building Blocks for prompt delivery. All compounds have undergone quality control to confirm their chemical structures and have purity higher than 95%. These diverse compounds could be used for high-throughput and combinatorial synthesis of pharmaceutical libraries or scale-up of lead compounds for further development and also ideally suit for diversity-oriented syntheses.

  • Tangible Chemical Building Blocks

    The Tangible Chemical Building Blocks are chemically feasible and could be synthesized and delivered within 4-12 weeks. This database is a unique opportunity to order new chemical building blocks that are not available from other suppliers. The number of molecules in this collection will increase as new chemistries become available. Upon your request our company will be providing progress reports on ordered materials.


    The Chemical Building Blocks for prompt delivery in SDF format are available on your request. Please contact us!


  • Multi-kilo products ( 4 Files )

    We offer a wide range of multi-kilo scale-up preparation services for our clients:

    - Custom manufacturing of chemicals in bulk quantities
    - Scale-up an existing literature or customer supplied synthesis
    - Design a new synthesis

    For today, more than 150 compounds are available in bulk quantities.