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Drug Discovery Collaboration
OTAVAchemicals Ltd. and ADAMED Sp. Z o.o. Announce Drug Discovery Collaboration

Kyiv, 25th of October 2006 – OTAVAchemicals Ltd., a leading Ukrainian company that specializes in drug discovery technologies, and ADAMED Sp. Z o.o., Poland, have announced plans for an integrated drug discovery project focused on a kinase target.


During the first phase of the collaboration, ADAMED's biologists will work closely with OTAVAchemicals medicinal and computational chemists, using OTAVAchemicals computational chemistry expertise and its libraries of compounds to generate new leads for ADAMED's proprietary targets. The second phase will consist of the design and optimization of lead structures. OTAVAchemicals aim is to provide ADAMED with a patentable drug candidate series.


Malgorzata Korpusik, R&D director at ADAMED said: "The collaboration with OTAVAchemicals will allow the selection of new chemical compounds for our drug discovery programs. We are looking forward to collaborating with OTAVAchemicals all the way through candidate selection and their further optimization".


Victor Matyushok, OTAVAchemicals CEO stated: "We are very pleased to announce a drug discovery project with ADAMED. I should state that once again OTAVAchemicals technology platform has proven to be a creative tool for the design of unique small molecule drug candidates for protein targets. Our company is determined to offer ADAMED high-value sets of lead compounds, and to establish a long-standing relationship".

  • About OTAVAchemicals

OTAVAchemicals supplies fine organic chemicals including unique building blocks for combinatorial organic synthesis. We provide compound libraries for screening, custom synthesis, molecular modeling services, targeted compound libraries and protein kinase inhibitors, prescreened anticancer compounds, peptide and chromogenic substrates. We offer design and development of fluorescent probes, kits and reagents.

  • About ADAMED

Among Poland's pharmaceutical firms, ADAMED is a pioneer in investments for researching new drugs. The company specializes in the production of ethical drugs. It is a leader on the market of new generation drugs for many therapeutic groups such as: cardiology, gynecology and treatment of urinary tract infections.

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