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Other Focused Libraries

Other focused libraries

102 uncategorized Focused Libraries designed with Ligand-based approach are listed below. These libraries are proposed for screening in various research and drug development projects.







  • the libraries contain drug-like compounds only
  • all the compounds are in stock
  • cherry picking is available


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Name Number of compounds Approach
Acetylcholine M2 receptor antagonist - Ligand-based
Acetylcholine M3 receptor antagonist - Ligand-based
Acetylcholinesterase (AChE) 828 Receptor-based
Acetylcholine muscarinic antagonist - Ligand-based
Alpha 1 adrenoreceptor agonist - Ligand-based
Alpha 1 adrenoreceptor antagonist - Ligand-based
Alpha 1a adrenoreceptor antagonist - Ligand-based
Alpha 2 adrenoreceptor agonist - Ligand-based
Alpha adrenoreceptor agonist - Ligand-based
Alpha adrenoreceptor antagonist - Ligand-based
Dopamine autoreceptor agonist - Ligand-based
Dopamine D3 agonist - Ligand-based
Dopamine D3 antagonist - Ligand-based
Dopamine D4 antagonist - Ligand-based
Endothelin A receptor antagonist - Ligand-based
Endothelin B receptor antagonist - Ligand-based
Endothelin receptor antagonist - Ligand-based
GABA A receptor agonist - Ligand-based
Glucagon receptor antagonist - Ligand-based
2,3 Oxidosqualene lanosterol cyclase inhibitor - Ligand-based
5 Hydroxytryptamine 1 antagonist - Ligand-based
5 Hydroxytryptamine 1A agonist - Ligand-based
5 Hydroxytryptamine 1D antagonist - Ligand-based
5 Hydroxytryptamine 2 agonist - Ligand-based
5 Hydroxytryptamine 2A antagonist - Ligand-based
5 Hydroxytryptamine 2C antagonist - Ligand-based
5 Hydroxytryptamine 3 agonist - Ligand-based
5 Hydroxytryptamine antagonist - Ligand-based
5 Hydroxytryptamine uptake inhibitor - Ligand-based
Acetyl CoA transferase inhibitor - Ligand-based
Acetylcholine nicotinic agonist - Ligand-based
Acetylcholine nicotinic antagonist - Ligand-based
Acute neurologic disorders treatment - Ligand-based
ADP ribose polymerase inhibitor - Ligand-based
Adrenaline antagonist - Ligand-based
Adrenaline uptake inhibitor - Ligand-based
Aldose reductase inhibitor - Ligand-based
Anti-Helicobacter pylori - Ligand-based
Benzodiazepine agonist - Ligand-based
Benzodiazepine agonist partial - Ligand-based
Corticotropin releasing factor 1 receptor antagonist - Ligand-based
Cyclic GMP phosphodiesterase inhibitor - Ligand-based
Cyclooxygenase inhibitor - Ligand-based
Dihydroorotate dehydrogenase inhibitor - Ligand-based
Dihydropteroate synthase inhibitor - Ligand-based
DNA topoisomerase inhibitor - Ligand-based
Endothelial growth factor antagonist - Ligand-based
Excitatory amino acid antagonist - Ligand-based
Factor VIIa inhibitor - Ligand-based
Gastrin inhibitor - Ligand-based
Growth hormone agonist - Ligand-based
Histamine antagonist - Ligand-based
Histamine release inhibitor - Ligand-based
Hsp90 focused library 733 Ligand-basedReceptor-based
Interleukin 8 antagonist - Ligand-based
Irritable Bowel syndrome treatment - Ligand-based
Kallikrein inhibitor - Ligand-based
Lactamase C inhibitor - Ligand-based
Leukotriene B4 antagonist - Ligand-based
Leukotriene E4 antagonist - Ligand-based
Lipase inhibitor - Ligand-based
Lipid peroxidase inhibitor - Ligand-based
Lipoxygenase inhibitor - Ligand-based
Liver fibrosis treatment - Ligand-based
Maillard reaction inhibitor - Ligand-based
MAO inhibitor - Ligand-based
Mediator release inhibitor - Ligand-based
Neurokinin 1 antagonist - Ligand-based
Neurokinin 3 antagonist - Ligand-based
Neuropeptide antagonist - Ligand-based
Neuropeptide Y antagonist - Ligand-based
Non-steroidal antiinflammatory agent - Ligand-based
Oxytocin antagonist - Ligand-based
Para amino benzoic acid antagonist - Ligand-based
Peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor agonist - Ligand-based
Peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor gamma agonist - Ligand-based
Phosphodiesterase inhibitor - Ligand-based
Phosphodiesterase V inhibitor - Ligand-based
Phospholipase A2 inhibitor - Ligand-based
Phospholipase inhibitor - Ligand-based
Platelet aggregation inhibitor - Ligand-based
Polarisation inhibitor - Ligand-based
Potassium channel antagonist - Ligand-based
Prostaglandin antagonist - Ligand-based
Prostaglandin synthase inhibitor - Ligand-based
Protease inhibitor - Ligand-based
Reverse transcriptase inhibitor - Ligand-based
Ribonucleoside diphosphate reductase inhibitor - Ligand-based
Ribonucleoside triphosphate reductase inhibitor - Ligand-based
Ribonucleotide reductase inhibitor - Ligand-based
S-adenosyl-L-methionine decarboxylase inhibitor - Ligand-based
Sigma receptor antagonist - Ligand-based
Stromelysin inhibitor - Ligand-based
Substance P antagonist - Ligand-based
Thromboxane A2 antagonist - Ligand-based
Thromboxane antagonist - Ligand-based
Thromboxane synthase inhibitor - Ligand-based
TNF convertase inhibitor - Ligand-based
Topoisomerase inhibitor - Ligand-based
Vanilloid antagonist - Ligand-based
VLA antagonist - Ligand-based
Xanthine oxidase inhibitor - Ligand-based


Otava's Target-Focused Libraries collection
Name Number
Kinases 67
Proteases 12
GPCRs 24
Ion channels 5
Disease-based libraries 29
Epigenetic targets 6
Protein-Protein Interaction 2
Peptidomimetic 1
Nuclear Receptors 1
General Activities 127
Other 102




The libraries (SDF, XLS, PDF format) are available on request. Feel free to contact us or use on-line form below to send an inquiry if you are interested to obtain these libraries or if you need more information.






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