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New 2-sulfonyl-2-hetaryl-ethylamines
New 2-sulfonyl-2-hetaryl-ethylamines

2-Arylethylamines is a wide valuable family of biologically active compounds. Recently we have developed the synthesis of novel 2-arylsylfonyl-2-hetarylethylamines of general formula:



This class of compounds is not referenced in literature. We have synthesized chemicals with 3-pyridyl-, 2-furyl-, 2-thienyl- as Het-moiety and with 2-thienyl-, phenyl-, p-tolyl-, 4-fluorophenyl-, 4-chlorophenyl-, 4-methoxyphenyl-, etc. as R-group.


A complete list of in-house stock 2-sulfonyl-2-hetarylethylamine building blocks:
Complete_list.pdf Complete_list.pdf (11.92 KB).

On your request compounds with any other groups Het- and R- may be synthesized within 1-2 month.

The virtual database of 2-sulfonyl-2-hetarylethylamine building blocks:
The_virtual_database.pdf The_virtual_database.pdf (78.37 KB)

Due to high reactivity of aliphatic primary amino-group 2-sulfonyl-2-hetarylethylamine easily reacts with carboxylic acids chloroanhydrides and imidazolides, sulfonyl chlorides, active halogen compounds and other electrophylic reagents. Most of the reaction products are simply purifying crystalline substances.