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Drug-like Green collection
Drug-like Green collectionOur drug-like Green Collection compound library (about 129,000 compounds in total) was prepared on the basis of In-house Stock library and pre-formatted by Lipinski's Rules of Five:
  • LogP from -1 to 5
  • MW from 160 to 500
  • Number of H-donors from 0 to 5
  • Number of H-acceptors from 0 to 10
  • Number of NO2 groups from 0 to 2
From the library were removed:
  • compounds with reactive groups,
  • biologically unstable compounds,
  • compounds containing any atom different to O, N, C, H, Br, Cl, F, or S. 



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icon Green collection (DB) (27.31 MB) | icon Green collection (SDF) (31.19 MB)


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