Screening Compounds for Agrochemical Discovery
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Screening Compounds for Agrochemical Discovery

nAChR Targeted Library

Nicotinic Acetylcholine Receptor Targeted LibraryThe nicotinic acetylcholine receptor (nAChR) is a neurotransmitter-regulated ion channel complex that is responsible for rapid synaptic transmission. In central nervous system of insect, the nAChR plays a major role and is an important target for insecticide action.

Fungicides-Like Library

Estrogen Receptor Targeted LibrariesFungal pathogen comprises an important group of microorganisms that cause significant economic losses in agriculture around the world. Fungicides are chemical compounds used to kill fungi or fungal spores. OTAVAchemicals offers Fungicides-Like Library - special screening library containing predicted fungicides.

Insecticides-Like Library

Insecticides-Like LibraryInsecticide are chemicals used to kill insects. They are claimed to be a major factor behind the increase in the 20th century's agricultural productivity. At the same time almost everyone insecticides have the potential to significantly alter ecosystems. Many of them are toxic to humans, some concentrate along the food chain. So today it is need to develop new effective insecticides.

Herbicides-Like Library

Herbicides-Like LibraryWeed control is essential in agriculture. Many strategies have been developed to control these unwanted plants which can bring a lot of damage to the crops. Chemical attack with herbicides (weed killers) is one of the leading directions of struggle with weeds. Taking into account the occurrence of resistance in plants and also the negative impact on the environment of some herbicides, the development of new weedkillers is an urgent problem.