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October, 2013 UPDATE:

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Custom synthesis
OTAVA has extensive experience in the synthesis of highly valuable products for biotech and pharmaceutical applications. Our company helps companies around the world to advance their projects by synthesizing:

- starting materials, intermediates, and/or final products
- advanced intermediates in drug synthesis
- combinatorial chemistry templates and building blocks

We also offer custom synthesis on the basis of our rare scaffolds. Our unique scaffold database was prepared using comparative analysis of worldwide suppliers of compound libraries. We sell novel CK2 inhibitors developed by our scientists as well as potent and selective inhibitors of IKK-ε, SIRT1, SIRT2, STAT3, JNK3, GSK-3, CDK9, HDAC, HIF-1, eEF-2 kinase, CFTR chloride channel & MORE!

Our company is engaged in the research, development and production of custom combinatorial libraries on an exclusive basis. This is your opportunity to get exclusive libraries of compounds for screening purposes. Our Synthesis on Request Service allows synthesizing a molecule you want.

Please contact us for more information on custom synthesis projects.